If you'd like your leather bag to last you as long as possible, while looking as new and beautiful as your first purchased it, you may want to follow a few useful tips.

Leather: Just as you like to keep your skin hydrated, you want to keep leather moisturized. There are proper creams you can buy and apply to your bag (don't try beauty products as they may damage your bag). In addition, always remember that bags were not created to be filled with too many items, heavily - if you do that too many times, you may stretch the leather and deform the bag, as well as weaken the stitchings.

Storage: all our bags are shipped with a special dust bag, to protect it from dust should you want to store it for long periods of time.

Rain/water: the leather on all the bags purchased in our store is water resistant. Remember that this doesn't mean it's water proof! Should it get wet, let it dry naturally - and under no circumstances use anything like a blow-drier.

Following these few basic tips should help you preserve your bag even longer.